Elected at 26, Michael Tubbs is Stockton’s first African-American mayor and the youngest mayor of any major city in America.

Michael has worked to secure $20 million to launch Stockton Scholars, which provides scholarships for Stockton’s youth. Supported by a $1 million grant, Michael launched the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, the nation’s first-ever mayor-led guaranteed income pilot. His latest initiative is Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI), which advocates for a guaranteed income nationwide to ensure that all Americans have an income floor.

Under Michael’s leadership, Stockton has seen a 40% drop in homicides, was named the second most fiscally healthy city in California and was featured in an HBO documentary film called “Stockton on My Mind.”

Michael also serves as a statewide appointee of Governor Gavin Newsom on the Commission for Police Officer and Standards Training (POST) and is the latest member of the National Police Foundation’s Council on Policing Reforms and Race.

Michael earned a B.A. in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity and an M.A. in Policy, Leadership & Organization Studies from Stanford University. Michael is married to his partner Anna Nti-Asare-Tubbs and is a proud new father as of 2019.