Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, from enhancing childcare solutions and early education offerings to promoting STEM programs and enriching out-of-school-time activities. By collaborating with local governments, we strive to increase post-secondary enrollment and make higher education more affordable for all. With a belief that every learning phase is crucial, FUSE is committed to paving the way for comprehensive educational experiences, ensuring every individual is empowered with opportunities for lifelong growth and success.
Launching the Stockton Promise Initiative to Improve the Lives of Young People
Stockton is working aggressively to help lift residents out of poverty, invest in communities, and empower students to attend and complete college. To that end, the city is taking on two big initiatives: it is the first American city to take on a universal basic income demonstration, and it is... Read more
Expanding Out-of-School Education Opportunities for Underserved Families
The San Jose Public Library has been working to increase after-school and summer learning opportunities for children of low-income families. As a FUSE executive fellow, Lauren Hancock launched a technology-based platform that helps San Jose families discover thousands of out-of-school activities. She also strengthened partnerships with key community-based organizations that... Read more
Creating a Model for Inclusive Civic Engagement
Los Angeles is seeking to increase participation in the city’s vibrant grassroots electoral system, one of the largest in the nation. The City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, or Empower L.A., engaged FUSE executive fellow Aparna Mukherjee to help increase civic engagement among young people, and to support... Read more
Lifting Minimum Wage Workers Out of Poverty Through Wage Enforcement
The city of Los Angeles recently enacted an ordinance to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. The city’s Bureau of Contract Administration worked with FUSE executive fellow Mark Lee to support implementation of the wage increase, which is expected to benefit more than half a million... Read more
Designing Innovative Education Programs for the Community
Home to manufacturing companies in industries such as clean tech and life sciences, Fremont wants to build a long-term workforce pipeline through initiatives in public education. FUSE executive fellow Parker Thomas worked with the Fremont Unified School District to create a maker education curriculum for middle schools that focuses on... Read more