By innovating and reshaping key areas like policing, 911 dispatching, bail procedures, sentencing, probation, and reentry, FUSE projects empower local governments to instill more equitable and just practices.

Our initiatives pave the way for a criminal justice system that prioritizes public safety and every individual's inherent dignity, ensuring a balanced approach that fosters trust and community resilience.
Enhancing the Child Support System
Conventional child support systems rely heavily on a blanket set of punitive measures to help ensure that families receive the financial support to which they are legally entitled. Los Angeles County is taking a different approach, one that seeks to tailor child support interventions to the circumstances of each case... Read more
Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Youth
The Juvenile Services Division (JSD) of the Los Angeles County Probation Department is responsible for the well-being and safety of approximately 6,000 justice-involved youths. Providing trauma-informed programming to support the development of these youths, whether they are in probation facilities or the community, is one of its primary goals. FUSE... Read more
Designing a Framework for Equity In City Services
As in many other American cities, demographics such as race, ethnicity, and gender identity influence San Francisco residents’ outcomes in income, education, health, justice involvement, and other key areas. To establish a baseline of the city’s efforts to address inequities, FUSE executive fellow Sami Iwata partnered with the Controller’s City... Read more
Streamlining Police Operations to Better Serve the Community
FUSE Executive Fellow Aminata Brown supported the New Orleans Police Department in its efforts to streamline and digitize processes to improve operations. She launched the Superintendent’s Technology (SuperTech) Improvement Program, which outlined primary program tracks that could benefit from technology enhancements, such as the management of documents and content. To... Read more
Enhancing Operations to Advance Healthcare Services for Inmates
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services has been working to better address the health needs of its inmate population, including improving the patient flow for its Inmate Reception Center (IRC), the entry point for inmates. As a FUSE executive fellow, Tom Pyun piloted several programs to enhance patient... Read more