Through strategic collaboration, these initiatives harness innovative solutions and practices to bridge gaps in healthcare access. By aligning with local governments, FUSE ensures that affordable health care and essential mental health resources reach the communities that need them most, effectively fostering healthier, more resilient populations.
Designing Coordinated Systems of Services to Benefit Seniors
Long Beach has a large, diverse, and vibrant senior population, which is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. The city’s Community Health Bureau partnered with FUSE Executive Fellow Karen Doolittle to help Long Beach improve quality of life for senior residents by linking them to a more coordinated... Read more
Leveraging Strategic Data Analytics
The San Francisco Human Services Agency administers social service programs to promote the wellbeing and self-sufficiency of more than 200,000 low-income and vulnerable individuals. The agency hired FUSE Executive Fellow Sima to analyze data the agency is collecting through its newly upgraded systems and to integrate that analysis into its... Read more
Building a Strategic Marketing Function 
In response to national healthcare reform, the Department of Public Health has undertaken several initiatives, including building a world-class trauma center and developing a citywide health network. Having functioned historically as a safety net provider for vulnerable populations, the San Francisco Health Network is now also working to become the... Read more
Establishing a Statewide Health Innovation Office 
Over the past several years, the California Health & Human Services Agency (CHHS) has been focused on increasing public access to health-related data, operating with greater levels of transparency and embracing more innovative approaches to its operations. CHHS aims to revitalize the way healthcare is provided and promoted throughout the... Read more
Developing an Integrated Response to the Opioid Epidemic
The opioid addiction crisis has risen to epidemic levels in the greater Pittsburgh region, where hospitals handled nearly 2,000 overdose cases in 2014. The Allegheny County Health Department’s response marries public health and public safety in an attempt to more effectively incorporate responses from all sectors. FUSE Executive Fellow Colin... Read more