Our jobs and workforce development projects center on amplifying living-wage job opportunities, ensuring everyone can secure a stable and dignified livelihood. Recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of the employment sector, we also emphasize the importance of preparing for tomorrow's workplace. Through expanded job training programs in collaboration with local governments, FUSE ensures that individuals are not only equipped for the jobs of today but are also adeptly poised to navigate the dynamic future of work.
Helping Small Businesses Succeed Through Training and Funding
To help small business owners, especially those that are struggling, maintain, rebuild, or grow their businesses, the District of Columbia Business Capital Program (DC BizCap) was established by The Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB). FUSE executive fellow Flavian Marwa worked with DISB to assess current programs, optimize the... Read more
Promoting Job Creation to Achieve Growth with Equity
Philadelphia’s economy has grown significantly in recent years, but the city remains one of the poorest in the nation. To help alleviate poverty, the city is taking aggressive steps to connect low- and moderate-income residents to sustainable careers. The city’s newly created Office of Workforce Development enlisted FUSE executive fellow... Read more
Supporting Economic Innovation to Boost the City and its Residents
Stockton has been working to ensure that its workforce is prepared for the digital economy. In conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, FUSE executive fellow Ann Rogan helped develop programs that will enhance residents’ professional skills so they can attain sustainable employment. She led the coalition that crafted the city’s Workforce... Read more
Expanding Workforce Opportunities in the New Economy
The City of Pittsburgh has evolved into an emergent innovation hub, a testament to the resilience of an economy that just a few decades ago was almost entirely dependent on steel. At the same time, Pittsburgh faces an unprecedented labor shortfall, with too few skilled workers to meet anticipated demand.... Read more
Developing Leaders to Drive Transportation Safety
With more than 40 percent of its employees eligible to retire by 2020, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is working aggressively to attract and retain talent as new technologies are disrupting conventional transportation systems. The agency enlisted FUSE executive fellow Andrea Lipton to develop a leadership training program... Read more