The City of Baltimore is working to improve community safety and emergency response strategies. In June 2021, Mayor Scott released Baltimore’s 5-Year Violence Prevention Plan outlining a collective vision for transforming safety across the city. The plan calls for an increase in 911 diversion efforts, to help ensure appropriate responses to situations that do not require law enforcement. Since the beginning of a 911 diversion pilot initiative in June 2021, hundreds of emergency calls were recorded through 911 that did not require the presence of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).

In order to ensure the most appropriate response for each crisis, reduce the burden on BPD in alignment with the consent decree, increase community-centric responses, and ultimately better serve residents, the City of Baltimore will partner with FUSE Corps. The FUSE Executive Fellow will help create and scale a strategy to build upon early efforts to divert more calls away from law enforcement toward other agencies when possible. This strategy will include recommendations for engaging the community and community partners to identify appropriate processes and procedures for assessing the type of risk, identifying the relevant entity, and ensuring an alternative response.