The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) is the second-largest municipal health system in the nation. DHS leadership recognizes the important role partnerships play in providing accessible wraparound services to those in its care. The Department’s Community Programs Division includes Housing for Health and the Office of Diversion and Reentry, working alongside other County agencies and local organizations who are well placed to reach and serve some of the county’s most vulnerable residents. Many existing programs led by community partners and other County agencies aim to address the need for more workforce development opportunities – and DHS is looking to play a unique role in connecting more patients in its care to these resources, identifying opportunities to create or expand high-impact initiatives that focus on the unique needs of those who are experiencing homeless or transitioning from the jail system.

DHS will partner with FUSE Corps to collaborate with community organizations and County agencies to expand workforce development opportunities for two underserved populations: (1) those experiencing homelessness and (2) those transitioning or being diverted from the County jail system. The FUSE Executive Fellow will work across County agencies and community partners to understand what programs can be further leveraged in this effort, and identify opportunities to add or expand new programs that ultimately put more residents on a path to financial stability. The Executive Fellow will also build the systems for strengthening and sustaining partnerships long-term to ensure DHS can help grow equitable access to educational and professional opportunities for more of its patients and identified classifications of workforce members.