Many in New Orleans spend 50% of their earnings on housing, exacerbating issues of generational poverty. And following Covid-19 and the disproportionate health and wealth impacts of the pandemic, the city is particularly sensitive to the affordable housing crisis. Given this context, in July 2021, the City of New Orleans passed a mandatory inclusionary housing policy. The policy paves the way for opportunities to increase access to and availability of affordable housing. A Housing Opportunities Study has also begun, which is exploring ways in which the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) can be amended to better facilitate the production of affordable housing units.

In order to support improved housing outcomes for New Orleans residents, the City Planning Commission will partner with FUSE Corps to assess the opportunities for implementing solutions to bring the city’s various stakeholders and interests together to increase the availability of and access to affordable housing, and reducing the significant financial burden that housing costs represent for many of the city’s underserved residents.