In 2015, The Los Angeles Department of Health Services (DHS) implemented a new electronic health record (EHR), ORCHID, and built the MyWellness Patient Portal. The MyWellness Patient Portal is a free and secure website and mobile application designed to connect patients to their doctors and health information. Currently, DHS is working to connect as many patients as possible to primary care providers, with Medi-Cal members assigned (empaneled) to DHS automatically to promote health equity. While self-enrollment is an option in the MyWellness patient portal, many patients – especially these empaneled patients – need encouragement and assistance for enrollment due to known issues related to the digital divide and technology literacy. However, there is a lack of consistency in these staff-assisted enrollment procedures, and many patients find the process arduous or enrollment resource materials confusing – leading to a lack of critical enrollment in the MyWellness patient portal.

Given this, DHS is determined to increase enrollment in the MyWellness patient portal by 50% by June of 2022.  FUSE will develop and implement a robust strategic toolkit and quality improvement plan for DHS to target and enroll hard-to-reach empaneled patients. FUSE will implement data-driven recommendations to optimize enrollment operations, and further build out a suite of patient-centered enrollment resources and materials. These efforts will ensure DHS will meet its goal and that primary care providers can support coordinated and continuous care to patients, especially as the Covid-19 pandemic persists.