Data from the UCLA School of Law- Williams Institute estimates that 57,200 people in the state of Georgia – or 0.67% of the state’s population – identify as transgender and transgender gender non-conforming, making it home to the thirteenth largest population of transgender people in the country as a percentage of the state’s population. These transgender and non-binary people report overwhelmingly high unemployment rates, homelessness, levels of fatal violence, and incarceration. Unfortunately, Georgia is also one of 33 states that lacks LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination laws, meaning there are no explicit protections prohibiting discrimination against transgender Georgians in housing, employment, or public places like government buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and doctors’ offices. 

Recognizing this level of injustice, the City of Atlanta has made significant strides to combat the discrimination, stigma, and systemic inequities that trans and non-binary people face. Atlanta will partner with FUSE Corps to assess the needs of transgender and non-conforming gender populations in Atlanta in order to prioritize addressing the policies, programs, services, and disparities that affect their economic and physical health and well-being. The FUSE Executive Fellow will: oversee a needs assessment of the trans community in Atlanta; act as a liaison between the city departments, Advisory Boards, and community stakeholders; assess internal and external city policies to ensure trans-inclusivity; and prioritize programs and policies addressing housing, youth, employment, arts & culture initiatives and services for the trans community. This work will help support the city’s goal of instilling gender diversity and inclusion as a priority in both the city’s internal workplace culture and the city’s programs and service delivery. And ultimately enable Atlanta to become one of the most trans-inclusive municipalities in the nation, serving as an incubator and flagship example for similar programs in other cities.