Supporting Data-Driven Criminal Justice Reform
The Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office (PDO) is seeking to establish a Data Analytics Unit to help reduce reliance on incarceration and drive criminal justice reforms throughout LA County. The PDO has already undergone a digital transformation initiative to modernize its operations and has restructured 160 million criminal case... Read more
Cultivating Partnerships for a Sustainable Water Future
Climate change is causing more severe droughts and floods, threatening local water supplies. San José has experienced persistent drought, leading to reduced water supply and increased costs. To address this, the City implemented the "Climate Smart San José" strategy to reduce water consumption, enhance reuse and recycling efforts, and support... Read more
Advancing the Regional Green Jobs Agenda
King County Washington's Green Jobs Ordinance reveals that women and BIPOC communities are often excluded from well-paying green jobs. To address this, King County, the City of Seattle, and the Port of Seattle are partnering with FUSE to create a strategic plan promoting green jobs and equitable access to green... Read more
Disaster Recovery Centers For Resilient Communities In Oakland
Like many cities across America, the City of Oakland, CA is experiencing climate change in the form of historic droughts, record-breaking heat, and devastating wildfires that have taken lives, displaced community members, and stressed infrastructure. Oakland’s frontline communities have done the least to create the climate crisis, yet they are... Read more
Urgent Responses To Climate Impacts
The City of Oakland is working to mitigate climate change and build residents’ resilience through a variety of pathways, with an emphasis on the BIPOC and frontline communities who are most likely to experience the most frequent and severe disruptions under the status quo. In order to prevent the worst... Read more