Designing a Framework for Equity In City Services
As in many other American cities, demographics such as race, ethnicity, and gender identity influence San Francisco residents’ outcomes in income, education, health, justice involvement, and other key areas. To establish a baseline of the city’s efforts to address inequities, FUSE executive fellow Sami Iwata partnered with the Controller’s City... Read more
Connecting and Communicating Housing Resources to Those In Need
As one of America’s most expensive places to live, the City and County of San Francisco are committed to maximizing the creation and preservation of affordable housing. The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development enlisted FUSE Executive Fellow Kimberly Dubin to help amplify public awareness of the city’s efforts... Read more
Expanding Out-of-School Education Opportunities for Underserved Families
The San Jose Public Library has been working to increase after-school and summer learning opportunities for children of low-income families. As a FUSE executive fellow, Lauren Hancock launched a technology-based platform that helps San Jose families discover thousands of out-of-school activities. She also strengthened partnerships with key community-based organizations that... Read more
Designing an Innovative Transportation System for Groundbreaking Projects
San Jose’s 1 million-plus population is expected to grow by nearly 50 percent over the next two decades. To prepare for this dramatic growth, the Civic Innovation team in the City Manager’s Office developed its first ever city-wide Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy to build a modern digital infrastructure that... Read more
Enhancing Patient Care Through Improved Staffing Practices
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) relies heavily on contract workers, who make up 27 percent of the agency’s workforce. FUSE executive fellow Nichelle Toomire helped the agency understand the associated cost, use, and impact of this workforce, identifying opportunities for efficiencies. She also secured resources for... Read more