Developing a Training and Recruiting Plan to Help the Homeless
L.A. County voters approved a measure that significantly increased funding for homeless services. To support the expansion of these services, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and the Office of Diversion and Reentry hired FUSE executive fellow Thelá Thatch to develop a plan to recruit, hire, and retain... Read more
Enhancing Operations to Advance Healthcare Services for Inmates
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services has been working to better address the health needs of its inmate population, including improving the patient flow for its Inmate Reception Center (IRC), the entry point for inmates. As a FUSE executive fellow, Tom Pyun piloted several programs to enhance patient... Read more
Designing Data-Driven Strategy to Improve Public Health
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – Environmental Health (EH) is responsible for ensuring that food is prepared and served safely for the millions of people who frequent the region’s restaurants and dining halls each year. EH partnered with FUSE executive fellow Mohammad Mehryar to build on the... Read more
Improving Patient Access to Healthcare Services
To improve the patient experience, maximize provider time with patients, and reduce revenue loss from unauthorized services, the Los Angeles Department of Health Services (DHS) recently brought together under one department key functions that facilitate patient access to medical care into unified units within each hospital and clinic. DHS enlisted... Read more
Creating an Integrated Approach to Supporting Re-entry Populations
Los Angeles County adopted a series of policies aimed at reducing the prison population, supporting re-entry, and disrupting the cycle of recidivism. As a result of these efforts, more than 10,000 inmates are released from incarceration countywide each month. These individuals face myriad barriers to successful reintegration, including lack of... Read more