Improving Overnight Worker Transportation
San Francisco’s 24-hour economy requires thousands of workers in the entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries to commute during late-night and early-morning hours. The overnight public transit system does not currently align with these needs, however, leaving many workers without access to safe, affordable and reliable transportation options. The Office... Read more
Enhancing Women’s Economic Empowerment
Although women are a vital force within the economy, they are compensated at a significantly lower level than their male counterparts and are continually underrepresented across professions and leadership positions. In response, the cities of San Francisco and Oakland will co-host a regional Women’s Empowerment & Opportunity Summit. Autumn was... Read more
Leveraging Open Data for Law Enforcement Reform
As part of its growing focus on criminal justice reform, the California Department of Justice is launching an ambitious effort to transform itself into a data-driven organization. A major first step in this plan is the creation of OpenJustice, a transparency initiative that will help build trust and increase accountability... Read more
Increasing Citywide Emergency Preparedness
The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management leads the city’s planning around response and recovery from a wide array of potential disasters. Because emergency management is a constantly evolving practice with new standards and new strategies for preparation, response, recovery and resiliency, plans must be updated regularly to stay relevant.... Read more
Accelerating Economic Development in Immigrant Communities
Immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners have the potential to create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. However, limited English language skills and educational experience, citizenship status, and other obstacles can make navigating the process of opening or expanding a business especially challenging. The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs... Read more