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Leveraging Data to Re-Think Public Safety

As a FUSE Executive Fellow, Dr. Jessica Herbert (2018-20) worked with the Los Angeles County Probation Department, Juvenile Services Division (JSD) to support JSD’s transition within juvenile justice reform.

FUSE Best Practices for Advancing Racial Equity: Community Engagement and Data

Data alone won’t reveal the context and causes of racial disparities in transportation, policing and many other municipal services.

How Data Can Create Racial Equity

To address systemic racism, U.S. city leaders need to stop looking at their data in aggregate and start asking questions.

How Innovative Government Agencies Use Data to Better Serve Their Communities

Sharing innovative insights from San Francisco, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh.

Furthering California’s Data Efforts

When government data are freely available for everyone to use and republish as they wish, they can drive social change.

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