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Summer 2023 Cohort is Igniting Transformative Change in Justice Reform, Public Health, and Climate Resilience

The Summer 2023 FUSE Executive Fellows are set to focus on catalyzing progressive shifts in the justice system, improving public health response to substance use disorders, and bolstering climate resilience efforts.

Putting People First: How Environmental Justice is Shaping Local Governments’ Climate Action Strategies

Local, state, and federal governments are all prioritizing addressing the climate crisis, setting ambitious targets to mitigate and even reverse the effects brought on by climate change. In designing these strategies and goals, an increasing number of local governments are...

Building Climate Resilience: The Inspiring Journeys of Oakland and Austin

Oakland, CA, and Austin, TX, are undergoing rapid environmental and infrastructural changes due to the intensifying impacts of climate change. Amidst the adversity, both cities strive towards resilience, equity, and community empowerment. Let’s delve into their journeys.

​​California and Washington are Empowering Innovations in Climate Action

Four Fall 2023 FUSE Executive Fellows in San Joaquin County, Los Angeles County, the City of Hayward, and King County are set to focus on alternative transportation, updating infrastructure, and reducing energy burden for a sustainable future for their communities.

Creating Resilience in Communities for a More Sustainable Future

These 13 Fall 2023 Executive Fellows are ready to support Cities and Counties in Ohio, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah to build resilient programs, systems, and infrastructures for a more sustainable future for all!

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