The Justice, Care, and Opportunities Department (JCOD), established by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in November 2022, represents a groundbreaking initiative in the United States. Deviating from traditional incarceration-focused approaches, JCOD aims to support justice-impacted individuals and communities through alternatives that prioritize re-entry services and community investments. Already making significant strides, JCOD granted over $55 million in Care First Community Investment grants to 118 organizations in late 2022 and plans to award an additional $104 million in December 2023. Recognizing the importance of effective communication, the county has partnered with FUSE to develop a comprehensive visual and multimedia storytelling approach.

Starting in April 2024, FUSE Executive Fellow Joshua Clark will engage stakeholders, create culturally relevant communications products, and establish a methodology to assess the impact of JCOD’s outreach efforts, empowering the department to effectively communicate its mission and progress across diverse communities in Los Angeles County by April 2025. This transformative project underscores the innovative nature of JCOD’s mission. It highlights the strategic role that visual and multimedia storytelling can play in fostering community engagement, building trust, and conveying the human impact of JCOD’s unique approach to justice and care. Clark’s deliverables, including a portfolio of communications products, a guide for community engagement, and measurement methodology, are pivotal in establishing a sustainable foundation for JCOD’s long-term success and resonance in Los Angeles County.