Our Model

The right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Our work centers on an Executive Fellowship model that places experienced leaders in local government agencies nationwide. During their year-long fellowship, they work to closely align the public, private, and social sectors to remove barriers and advance solutions to pressing challenges.

We work within government agencies because cities and counties have the power to affect systemic change directly.

Each year, 90% of communities that host FUSE Executive Fellows return with requests for additional fellowship projects.




Design a project.

We work with government and community partners to identify high-priority opportunities to address local needs, taking into account racial equity considerations. These scopes of work have clearly articulated goals for the FUSE Executive Fellows to pursue while they are embedded full-time for at least 12 months at the senior levels of local government agencies.

Our process ensures that all projects have plans for long-term, community-based sustainability of progress after the fellowships conclude.


Recruit the right talent.

Our team conducts a full executive search for each individual role, looking within the community and nationally to find top leaders. The candidates are then reviewed to determine which ones best meet the job’s requirements and have a record of accomplishments. Finally, our team facilitates local interviews so that project managers and stakeholders can select their preferred candidates. Then that individual is hired as a full-time employee of FUSE.


Accelerate the project.

Over 12 months, FUSE Executive Fellows work full-time, embedded in their host agencies, pursuing project goals and accelerating systems change. FUSE provides training, executive coaching, professional development, and ongoing management support over the full term of the project. FUSE helps ensure that projects achieve their full potential for impact and allows projects to extend for a second year if fellows and host agencies request.