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Experienced Professionals.
New Perspectives.

Partner with us.

We want to work with you to identify the most pressing challenges facing your government and your community. We have worked throughout the country on a wide array of issues. No matter where you are, we can help you.

We’re going to give you experienced professionals who are hand-picked for you to add capacity, bring new perspectives from private and social sectors, build new public-private partnerships, and generate new resources.

The cost of each fellowship project includes the executive search to find the right candidate, the salary of the fellow, who will be a FUSE employee, and various program services to ensure that the project is successful. This cost covered either by our government partners through independent consulting agreements and/or support from national or local philanthropy.

Mayor John Cooper

Nashville knows firsthand the impactful work of FUSE Corps. Through our partnership with FUSE, we launched a new initiative that will strengthen out-of-school programming for Nashville students and give families a new resource to find activities in their area – a first for our city. Our young people are our city’s most important asset. There is no greater priority than ensuring every child in Nashville has the tools they need to be successful.

Mayor John Cooper,

Mayor of Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee

We need to create a system where people with mental health needs who come in contact with police get treatment, rather than end up in jail. Our partnership with FUSE will help us take a serious look at how we can create a more equitable criminal justice system.

Lyda Krewson,


St. Louis, MO

We’ve had several FUSE fellows over the last couple of years and have been very impressed with the caliber of talent and new energy that they infuse into our organization. They’re all active changemakers.

Rachel VanderVeen,

Deputy Director, City of San Jose Housing

San Jose, CA

We are thrilled to have established this partnership with FUSE. As a city, we continuously look for ways to evolve and enhance how we serve our residents. These three talented FUSE fellows are proven leaders and executives from diverse sectors who are ready to craft new policy, roll out new systems, and improve existing programs to ensure quality, responsiveness and ultimately citywide community trust in our public services.

Libby Schaaf,


Oakland, CA

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