Advancing Anti-racism in Partnership with Libraries
The Los Angeles County Library system serves more than 3.4 million residents. The system is one of the largest in the United States and has one of the most diverse client bases, supporting a population of which is one-third foreign born. In 2017, the library launched the iCount initiative, which... Read more
Building Strategic Partnerships to Expand Career and Education Opportunities
Young people in Fresno face daunting challenges as they pursue their goals in school and life. There is growing evidence that local high school graduates struggle to attend college or pursue living-wage jobs. With this context in mind, Fresno Unified School District launched a strategic plan that reinforces its commitment... Read more
Utilizing Data to Advance Equity in Education
In 2020, the Atlanta Board of Education and Atlanta Public Schools (APS) launched an ambitious strategic plan that places equity at the forefront of their work. The We are APS, Building on Our Legacy plan outlines equity commitments and provides a framework for staff to address education equity in specific... Read more
Combating the Digital Divide by Increasing Equitable Access to Broadband Services
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed long-seated issues with connectivity in Texas, with almost 900,000 residents lacking broadband internet access across the state. In Central Texas, over 37,000 students are without the high-speed internet needed for online learning, and over 50,000 residents in Austin alone do not have use of the... Read more
Community-Centered Approaches to Expanding Birmingham’s Broadband Infrastructure
In Alabama’s Black Belt the digital divide has compounded issues related to racial discrimination, high poverty, and limited access to healthcare services. Nine counties in the Black Belt have less than 30% access to broadband, and even in Black Belt cities with established infrastructure, like Birmingham, many residents face cost... Read more