The Los Angeles County Department of Probation is working to reduce recidivism by using evidence-based practices and community-based services to help justice-involved youths succeed. To assist with these efforts, FUSE Executive Fellow Kim Bowman Jr. brought community voice and leadership into governmental processes while strengthening the strategic visioning and management practices of the largest probation department in the country. By bolstering leadership and increasing community engagement, Kim helped with efforts to reduce recidivism for justice-involved youths.

For over two years, Kim helped diverse teams representing the department, the community, and county partners develop critical countywide response plans and budgets. He served as acting executive officer for the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council, helping its five subcommittees with their work and serving as co-lead for the JJCC subcommittees that updated L.A. County’s fiscal year 2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22 Comprehensive Multi-Agency Juvenile Justice Plans. The subcommittees also developed the funding allocations that budgeted more than $66 million annually in Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act funds to support government and community-based programs serving 25,000 young people. As part of his work, Kim helped the department craft a new mission, vision, and core value statements. He also developed new programs to support the department’s professional development initiatives, including a women’s mentorship program, a management-level administrative training seminar, and project management tools and training.