The Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office (PDO) is seeking to establish a Data Analytics Unit to help reduce reliance on incarceration and drive criminal justice reforms throughout LA County. The PDO has already undergone a digital transformation initiative to modernize its operations and has restructured 160 million criminal case records into a client-centered, all-digital Client Case Management System (CCMS). FUSE Executive Fellow Mario Bonifacio will work with the existing CCMS team to analyze current data streams, consolidate justice data reports, establish relationships with external partners to expand data sources, and utilize this information to evaluate critical programs, projects, or initiatives. The goal is to collect, process, and utilize data from an equity-conscious perspective, informing criminal justice reforms throughout LA County.

Mario will establish relationships with key stakeholders to enhance the use of data. He will review existing data, work with developers to streamline data repositories, establish a data management policy, and create standard reporting and data terminology. He will also ensure staff buy-in and highlight the benefits of the new system while conducting a baseline analysis of existing programs and sharing actionable insights with the PDO.