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Reimagining Homelessness Prevention and Response for the Latino Community

The County of Los Angeles has observed a rapid rise in Latino residents experiencing homelessness. Latinos face unique barriers that prevent them from accessing supportive services. To reverse this trend, the County intends to utilize targeted universalism to respond to the needs of its diverse communities. The FUSE Executive Fellow...

Developing an Accountability Framework to Address the Needs of Black People Experiencing Homelessness

The County of Los Angeles has declared a state of emergency regarding homelessness, which allows it to invest additional resources into prevention and response programs. Its efforts will only be successful if it adopts anti-racist principles and focuses on reducing racial disparities for Black People Experiencing Homelessness (BPEH). The FUSE...

How Two California Cities Are Working to Stay Afloat of the Impending Homelessness Crisis

COVID-19 has exacerbated California's housing crisis, but Stockton and San Jose are striving to protect residents.

For Those Experiencing Homelessness, ‘The Bin’ Honors Their Belongings

Los Angeles provides free storage to anyone who needs the service.

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