June 24, 2024

In a significant move to improve public transportation in Savannah, FUSE has partnered with Chatham Area Transit (CAT) to enhance transit services, focusing on accessibility and efficiency for residents. This collaboration aims to integrate innovative solutions to address transit challenges, thereby promoting economic inclusivity and mobility.

The CAT SMART Microtransit Project

Local residents have already begun to see the benefits of this partnership through the implementation of the CAT SMART microtransit project. Led by FUSE Executive Fellow Gloria Wesley, this initiative has introduced several key improvements:

  • Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility: The CAT SMART microtransit project offers a flexible, on-demand transportation service that uses dynamically routed vehicles to respond to real-time passenger requests. By combining fixed routes with on-demand shuttles, the system reduces waiting times and improves the overall travel experience for residents.
  • Digital Transformation: The project’s cornerstone has been transitioning legacy transit systems into the digital age. This digital transformation improves service efficiency and user experience, ensuring that residents have access to more reliable and timely transit information.
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility: The project promotes eco-friendly transportation options by integrating electric vehicles (EVs) with advanced charging algorithms. This not only supports environmental sustainability but also provides residents with modern and efficient transit solutions.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: A one-year internship program with Savannah State University, an HBCU, is part of the collaboration to foster diversity in the transportation sector. This initiative helps build a more inclusive workforce and ensures that the benefits of improved transportation reach all community members, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Connecting Affordable Housing: Gloria Wesley’s role focuses on expanding electrified public transit to connect affordable housing, ensuring that improved transportation services are accessible to all residents, especially those in affordable housing developments.

A Vision for the Future

The collaboration between FUSE and CAT represents a significant step towards modernizing public transportation infrastructure in Savannah. With the support of FUSE and the leadership of Gloria Wesley, the CAT SMART microtransit project is set to greatly enhance mobility and accessibility for all residents.“We are thrilled to partner with Chatham Area Transit and the City of Savannah on this groundbreaking project,” said James Weinberg, CEO of FUSE. “Gloria Wesley’s expertise and dedication to equity will be instrumental in driving this initiative forward, creating a more inclusive and efficient transit system for Savannah”.Faye DiMassimo, CEO/Executive Director of Chatham Area Transit, echoed this sentiment: “The CAT SMART microtransit project represents a significant step towards modernizing our public transportation infrastructure. With the support of FUSE and the leadership of Gloria Wesley, we are confident that this project will greatly enhance mobility and accessibility for all residents”.

For more information about Chatham Area Transit and the CAT SMART microtransit project, visit their website.