October 24, 2019

Just a few weeks ago, 15 FUSE executive fellows embarked on a yearlong journey to help government agencies across the country tackle today’s greatest urban issues, from criminal justice reform to immigration policy. Read more about what inspired some of these accomplished professionals to take on their fellowships.

Promoting Data Analytics to Improve Crucial Services
Los Angeles County

“As a FUSE executive fellow, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute my career experience to serving the public interest in Los Angeles County. Working in the innovative Office of the Chief Information Officer, I am part of a dedicated team focused on propelling expert and impactful data-analysis practices in government decision-making to support the provision of vital services to the residents of the county.”

Advancing Criminal Justice Reform by Transforming Probation Technology
Los Angeles County

“As the senior IT program transformation manager for the L.A. County Department of Probation, I’m deeply involved with supporting, enabling, and pushing for the county’s modern, human-centered approach to reduce recidivism. Criminal justice reform in synergy with empathetic, compassionate, and science-based treatment of and community support for repeat offenders, especially juveniles, has long been my personal passion and goal. I see different faces but the same lives when I meet our clients in our facilities. This makes my ‘job’ feel like anything but a job, and the satisfaction I get is beyond anything that can be quantified in materialistic terms. It’s almost spiritual and surreal.”

Realigning the Pretrial Services Program in Support of Bail Reform in Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County

“My sense of purpose comes from helping others and having an impact. The FUSE fellowship provides a unique opportunity to apply my skills in organizational development and my passion for behavioral science in a new context that advances an important cause, transforming the criminal justice system.”

Strengthening Code Enforcement for Safer Housing
Oakland, CA

“As a social entrepreneur, I have been obsessed with providing employment for those deemed unemployable. For years, I wanted to take time to focus on providing safe and secure housing for economically disadvantaged persons. Poor housing multiplies inequalities. My experience encompasses the private, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial sectors. I have learned a great deal from all of these diverse arenas. Each has provided me the opportunity to create various systems, policies, and procedures and to improve upon existing platforms. If I can help make one building, home, or unit safer, I will consider this a success.”

Forging Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Community Economic Development
Wichita, KS

“I adamantly believe that when attempting to address our nation’s most pressing issues, there is no single agency that can fix it all. FUSE Corps has allowed me to assist in mobilizing the community to collectively bring forth longstanding positive change.”

Supporting L.A. County’s Immigrants
Los Angeles County

“This fellowship opportunity allows me to combine my professional experience in organizational development and resource-building with my personal experience as a first-generation Filipino-American immigrant growing up in Los Angeles County to build up the county’s new Office of Immigrant Affairs. One in three county residents and nearly one in two workers are immigrants, so this fellowship will lay out a strategy that will affect millions of Angelenos.”