June 5, 2020

The recent acts of prejudice, police brutality, and killing of Black Americans have been appalling. We grieve alongside those who feel pain, anger, sorrow, and desperation in response to the latest series of events in a long and tragic history.

FUSE Corps unequivocally condemns this violence and the structural racism that enables it. We stand in solidarity with those who denounce hate, injustice, and inequality; and we are dedicated to partnering with those who work for positive change.

The last few months have continued to lay bare the breadth and depth of our country’s racial inequities. As a nation, we have been grappling with a deadly pandemic and widespread economic devastation, the impacts of which have fallen disproportionately on communities of color. Together, however, we can pursue a more just and equitable recovery.

As a mission-driven organization dedicated to the success of urban communities, we believe that this collective trauma should serve as a reckoning. We are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move forward as a society in the wake of profound devastation and suffering.

We know that dismantling institutional racism, bias, and inequity will require structural reforms across policing, criminal justice, healthcare, housing, education, employment, and economic systems. These reforms cannot happen without the intentional inclusion of community members, who must be directly engaged in problem-solving and policymaking.

The work will be challenging, and at times uncomfortable, but we have already seen the transformational power of placing the right leader, in the right role, at the right time. FUSE pledges to refocus and redouble our efforts to fight even harder for social, economic, and racial justice. We will prioritize projects that challenge systemic inequities, lift up marginalized voices, and empower community members to drive solutions.

We acknowledge that this will require further reflection, education, humility, empathy, partnership, and support. We will continue to undertake deep work within our own organization and, as members of the FUSE community, we ask you to join us in this pivotal and ongoing work.


Photo credit: Tina Barseghian