Los Angeles Office of the City Administrative Officer

Improving Livability in Los Angeles
Mark was tasked with improving operations in Los Angeles to produce more livable, economically viable neighborhoods. During his fellowship, he worked with the Office of the City Administrative Officer to design and advance reforms of the city’s public works departments, business improvement districts program, and quality of life enforcement teams.... Read more
Securing the 2024 Summer Olympics Games
Los Angeles was named by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the official U.S. Bid City to host the 2024 Olympics. The bid, which creates the potential for the city to develop its infrastructure, increase its revenue, and elevate itself on the international stage, requires an enormous financial and logistical commitment.... Read more
Developing a Coordinated Approach to Homelessness
Los Angeles faces a significant challenge in addressing its homelessness crisis. While multiple city departments and agencies are currently engaged with homeless individuals and families, their approaches are not well coordinated. This causes inconsistency of response, high expenditures, and service redundancy. The City Administrative Officer hired Geoff to work with... Read more
Improving Public Works’ Operations for Better Accountability and Service
The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works (DPW) oversees the delivery of critical infrastructure, services and systems that are vital for the quality of life and public safety of city residents. FUSE worked with the City Administrative Officer to assess the current state of Public Works, evaluate options... Read more