By innovating and reshaping key areas like policing, 911 dispatching, bail procedures, sentencing, probation, and reentry, FUSE projects empower local governments to instill more equitable and just practices.

Our initiatives pave the way for a criminal justice system that prioritizes public safety and every individual's inherent dignity, ensuring a balanced approach that fosters trust and community resilience.
Supporting L.A. County’s Immigrants
Immigrants comprise 35% of Los Angeles County’s population and make up 44% of its workforce, yet they continue to face economic advancement and justice equity challenges. In response, the Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA), a division within the L.A. County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, developed the 2018 Immigrant... Read more
Engaging the Community in Support of Bail Reform Efforts in Los Angeles County
The Los Angeles County Probation Department seeks to reform its bail system so that individuals awaiting trial are held out of jail and connected to their communities. To that end, the department’s Pretrial Services Bureau had to revamp its operational protocols to provide varying levels of assessment and post-release services,... Read more
Implementing a Framework to Achieve Citywide Racial Equity
Nearly 40 percent of the 1 million residents in San Jose were born outside the U.S. While immigrants have high workforce participation rates, many also struggle to access opportunities in education, jobs, and public services. San Jose has prioritized integrating its immigrant populations, as city leadership recognizes the need for... Read more
Evaluating Community Policing Strategies to Build Safer Communities
During the last decade, Pittsburgh has experienced a significant drop in violent crime. But in areas where violence persists, including on Pittsburgh’s Northside, historical distrust of authorities has made policing more challenging. Recognizing the need for community engagement to address crime and rebuild trust, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police (PBP)... Read more
Recruiting a High Quality and Diverse Police Force to Restore Community Trust
Recruiting and retaining police officers who are representative of all communities is a major challenge for law enforcement agencies. St. Louis is no exception but has been working diligently to increase the diversity of its police officers to better reflect the demographics of the communities it serves. FUSE Executive Fellow... Read more