Our jobs and workforce development projects center on amplifying living-wage job opportunities, ensuring everyone can secure a stable and dignified livelihood. Recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of the employment sector, we also emphasize the importance of preparing for tomorrow's workplace. Through expanded job training programs in collaboration with local governments, FUSE ensures that individuals are not only equipped for the jobs of today but are also adeptly poised to navigate the dynamic future of work.
Launching an Opportunity Zone in Fresno
Fresno, located in California’s Central Valley, has made progress in its efforts to end systemic inequities and expand economic opportunities. But city leaders know they must continue to address the persistent economic challenges — exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic — faced by residents in marginalized communities. To this end, FUSE... Read more
Attracting and Retaining Finance Talent to Improve City Operations
With nearly a third of workers close to retirement, the Los Angeles Office of Finance was seeking new strategies for recruitment and retention of staff, not only to bring in qualified employees but also to build a pipeline within the department of leaders who feel a sense of stewardship over... Read more
Establishing Countywide Outreach Strategies to Alleviate Poverty
The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) can be an effective tool to help fight poverty, yet approximately 20 percent of eligible Los Angeles County households are not claiming this credit. To close the participation gap, the L.A. County Department of Business and Consumer Affairs is looking to work with... Read more
Launching an Opportunity Zone for Riverside County
Riverside County, California, has the state’s third highest number of Opportunity Zones. These economically distressed communities, which were designated by the federal government, can potentially benefit from tax incentives that encourage investment and economic development. To create high-quality jobs in key economic sectors, such as manufacturing, tourism, and technology, the... Read more
Launching an Opportunity Zone for San Bernardino County
As part of California’s Inland Empire, a metropolitan region of more than 27,000 square miles and 4 million people, San Bernardino County is located in one of the fastest-growing regions in the state. To create high-quality jobs in key economic sectors, such as manufacturing, tourism, and technology, the Economic Development... Read more