Philadelphia, PA

Leveraging Vacant Properties to Revitalize Neighborhoods
More than 40,000 lots and properties sit vacant in Philadelphia, impacting economic mobility, public safety, and quality of life for many residents, especially those in low-income neighborhoods. To address this problem, the Department of Planning and Development enlisted FUSE executive fellow Amanda Soskin to develop a strategy to manage, activate,... Read more
Working to Alleviate Poverty
One in four residents of Philadelphia lives below the poverty line, a condition that can adversely affect their health, education and employment prospects, physical safety, and more. Recognizing the urgency of this problem, the Mayor’s Office of Policy engaged FUSE Executive Fellow Natalie Barndt to lead a review of existing... Read more
Promoting Job Creation to Achieve Growth with Equity
Philadelphia’s economy has grown significantly in recent years, but the city remains one of the poorest in the nation. To help alleviate poverty, the city is taking aggressive steps to connect low- and moderate-income residents to sustainable careers. The city’s newly created Office of Workforce Development enlisted FUSE executive fellow... Read more