One in four residents of Philadelphia lives below the poverty line, a condition that can adversely affect their health, education and employment prospects, physical safety, and more. Recognizing the urgency of this problem, the Mayor’s Office of Policy engaged FUSE Executive Fellow Natalie Barndt to lead a review of existing anti-poverty strategies and make recommendations for further progress. 

Natalie led detailed analyses of 2018 poverty data and convened groups of relevant city employees to discuss existing and potential new initiatives. To inform these discussions, she arranged for a delegation of city leaders to meet with staff at the New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity to learn more about its poverty alleviation efforts. Drawing from this and other research, Natalie made several targeted recommendations for reducing the poverty rate in the short term. As a result of her work, the Mayor’s Office has a set of strategic alternatives aimed at lifting people out of poverty and into a more economically stable future.