In response to the escalating impacts of climate change on Jacksonville, FL, the city has initiated a project to develop climate-resilient infrastructure design standards. With rising temperatures, increased rainfall, and coastal storms affecting vulnerable communities disproportionately, the city is partnering with FUSE to create a comprehensive Climate Resilient Design Guidelines plan. FUSE Executive Fellow Michael Buonvino will conduct a thorough analysis, engaging stakeholders and researching national best practices to formulate strategic recommendations for resilient infrastructure design. The focus will be on enhancing water management through innovative green infrastructure solutions, ensuring equitable benefits for all communities.

By April 2025, Buonvino aims to deliver a comprehensive Climate Resilient Design Guidelines document, providing a standardized approach to resilient, sustainable, and innovative infrastructure design that equips Jacksonville to adapt to climate change and safeguards communities, natural resources, and economic stability. Implementation and collaboration among stakeholders will be integral to achieving these goals.