The City of San José is working on “Climate Smart San José“, nine climate strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change on its residents, such as extreme heat, weather, drought, and sea level rise. However, funding for these projects can be challenging to secure. 

San José is partnering with FUSE to create an inter-agency strategy to identify and apply for a range of financial and technical resources to advance local climate adaptation and mitigation efforts. FUSE Executive Fellow Laksmi Lagares will conduct a landscape analysis of current projects and needs, research successful models from other agencies and localities, and shape a financing strategy to support the City’s climate-related projects. This will comprise of a comprehensive strategic plan, including establishing an inter-agency grants team, and an implementation framework to identify and procure climate-focused funding opportunities from government, public, and private sources, ensuring equity for historically disinvested communities. The goal is to accelerate climate action within the San José community and worldwide.