The Los Angeles County Department of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) provides residents with a range of programs. While many operate efficiently, internal and external communication, coordination, and alignment between programs can be improved to ensure seamless services for residents. To support this work, WDACS enlisted FUSE Executive Fellow Nathaniel Sanga Bencivenga. He developed a pilot plan that connects older adults and caregivers in East Los Angeles, one of the city’s most historically underserved populations, to countywide services using culturally appropriate communication that will better meet residents’ needs and preferences.

Nathaniel assessed the agency’s existing client touch points and identified barriers faced by residents seeking access to its services. To ensure programs meet community needs, he conducted surveys and one-on-one interviews with over 2,265 older adults and caregivers. Based on his research, Nathaniel developed a pilot plan that leverages trusted community advocates and centers to support ongoing in-person communication with residents, and built a centralized repository of services that connects over 120 unique county services from over 25 departments. He identified three social media platforms in order to aggregate communication from multiple departments and ease the information gathering process for consumers. He also developed a training strategy for community centers to manage digital platforms, community partnerships, and outreach. By streamlining the flow of information, WDACS is able to connect residents to more comprehensive services tailored to their needs.