The Los Angeles County Probation Department seeks to reduce the financial and societal cost of recidivism by helping people reintegrate more effectively into their communities after prison. To support that goal, the department enlisted FUSE executive fellow Barry Goldberg to assess how county agencies involved in re-entry can coordinate to improve outcomes. 

To understand how re-entry services were managed and delivered, Barry engaged with key stakeholders and analyzed performance data, referral practices, and data-sharing across agencies. Drawing from this research, he made four core recommendations: establish a continuum of quality care for incarcerated individuals; offer an identifiable, coordinated, and managed portfolio of re-entry services; align service availability, capacity, and access with client needs; and ensure that individuals are willing and able to participate in services. He also assisted with the creation of a project management toolkit and staff training module, the launch of a re-entry symposium, and the vision for a planned community re-entry center. These efforts are making the department more efficient, accountable, and responsive to the needs of individuals as they transition out of the justice system.