The City of Los Angeles knows that taking immediate action to sustain clean air, water and healthy living conditions is a moral imperative. Building on its initial Sustainable City Plan (2015), the City’s Paris-compatible Green New Deal (2019) laid out ambitious targets to directly address issues ranging from inequitable access to renewable energy, healthy food, open public spaces and clean water via initiatives that put community members directly at the center of driving solutions. The commitments made in Los Angeles’ Green New Deal present a unique chance to bolster community resilience while also creating jobs of the future, requiring a ready workforce of skilled labor that must be identified and prepared in the next few years.

For this to happen, the city must play a lead role in ensuring education and training opportunities for thousands of Angelenos to support them in taking up career tracks that stem from these new industries. Building upon the work of several City partners, FUSE Corps will design and implement a strategy that connects communities, employers, unions, potential workers and training partners in creating direct pathways to specific careers in the climate resiliency space. FUSE will focus on executing strategies that build wealth opportunities for residents who have historically been most impacted by systemic barriers to entry into other professions as well as those currently working in declining fossil fuel sectors.