While access to wifi and high-speed internet are often taken for granted, in Houston, more than 142,500 households do not have a computer, and over 267,000 households lack broadband internet access. These communities are often historically underinvested and present significant hurdles for residents, preventing them from harnessing the power of the internet to further their education, develop career skills, apply for jobs, and access healthcare options. The Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the effects of this digital divide. Houston has made significant strides to close these digital gaps, prioritizing technology access and digital inclusion programs and policies.

Houston is partnering with FUSE Executive Fellow Joshua Williams to support these efforts to form a comprehensive digital inclusion strategy that builds upon its Covid-19 response efforts and existing programs. Joshua will play an essential role in delivering internet access to every resident, especially those in neighborhoods that have been most impacted by the pandemic.