The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – Environmental Health (EH) is responsible for ensuring that food is prepared and served safely for the millions of people who frequent the region’s restaurants and dining halls each year. EH partnered with FUSE executive fellow Mohammad Mehryar to build on the agency’s existing capabilities to use advanced data analytics to improve and strengthen data-driven strategy and operation efficiency.

Mohammad analyzed EH’s analytical capabilities in four main categories — technology, data, people, and culture — and made recommendations for each category. Based on research and analysis, he identified several advanced analytics use cases that can benefit the agency. Additionally, he designed and implemented EH’s data management strategy and piloted a comprehensive performance dashboard to show how analytical tools can produce actionable insights from data to achieve operational excellence. Mohammad also helped to foster a “culture of analytics,” in which data is fully integrated into the agency’s operations by organizing workshops and presentations for agency staff and leadership. These efforts are improving the efficiency of EH’s operations and strengthening its ability to protect public health.