The Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering is experiencing increased demand for its services. At the same time, a quarter of its employees are nearing retirement. The Bureau recognizes the need to update its infrastructure and create a shared library of digital content to ensure an effective knowledge transfer of ongoing projects. This need became even more critical when COVID-19 pandemic struck and agency staff were forced to work remotely. The Bureau enlisted FUSE Executive Fellow Nancy Lambert to assess its current infrastructure and recommend a cloud content management solution for adoption that would simplify, standardize, and improve organization-wide effectiveness.

As part of her current state analysis, Nancy gathered user needs from 31 divisions and assessed the Bureau’s existing content, file-storage and collaboration practices. She developed personas and use cases and collaborated with industry analysts, vendors, and city officials from Long Beach and Orange County to quantitatively and qualitatively compare solutions. Based on her research, Nancy developed prototypes and conducted a cost/benefit analysis to help the Bureau justify new investments in technology. Her proposed information architecture will jump-start future pilot design and implementation. This cloud content solution will have lasting benefits for the Bureau’s overall organizational efficiency, allowing it to better serve residents.