Housing affordability has become increasingly urgent across California. According to recent data, nearly half of all homeowners in Long Beach spend more than 30 percent of their total monthly income on rent or mortgage payments. To ease the pressure on residents, Long Beach engaged FUSE executive fellow Rick Ryba to help lead the development of an inclusionary housing policy and to assess the feasibility of three other proposed policies. 

 Rick co-managed staff, city employees, and a team of consultants responsible for an economic feasibility analysis of inclusionary housing. Once the analysis was completed, he helped adapt its findings to specific local challenges and housing needs and presented the results to the planning commission and members of the public. He also provided benchmarks and other research to the City Attorney’s Office, the agency responsible for drafting the inclusionary housing ordinance. Working with the planning bureau, Rick was able to confirm the potential viability of micro-unit housing in Long Beach. As part of this effort, he oversaw community outreach and messaging activities. His work is helping the city increase access to safe and affordable housing, especially for residents hard hit by rising housing costs.