Long Beach, CA

Investing in Economic Inclusion to Unlock Broad-Based Growth
Racial and ethnic minorities comprise nearly 70 percent of Long Beach residents, and many of them are small business owners. Supporting these entrepreneurs is a critical part of the city’s 10-year economic plan. The Economic Development Department enlisted FUSE executive fellow Daniel Han to help connect minority and women entrepreneurs... Read more
Developing a Roadmap of Programs to Expand Affordable Housing
Housing affordability has become increasingly urgent across California. According to recent data, nearly half of all homeowners in Long Beach spend more than 30 percent of their total monthly income on rent or mortgage payments. To ease the pressure on residents, Long Beach engaged FUSE executive fellow Rick Ryba to... Read more
Creating an Integrated Service Delivery Model to Improve Public Health
Residents of Long Beach have access to more than 40 programs through the Department of Health and Human Services. These programs address a variety of community health needs, including family planning, HIV care, homelessness, veteran support, and more. But there is no department-wide standard for determining client need or eligibility... Read more
Attracting and Retaining Talent to Drive Government Innovation
The City of Long Beach is the second largest employer in Southern California, and is working to recruit quality talent for the public workforce of the future. To strengthen the municipal workforce and sustain the city’s quality of services, the Office of the City Manager partnered with FUSE executive fellow... Read more
Designing Coordinated Systems of Services to Benefit Seniors
Long Beach has a large, diverse, and vibrant senior population, which is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. The city’s Community Health Bureau partnered with FUSE Executive Fellow Karen Doolittle to help Long Beach improve quality of life for senior residents by linking them to a more coordinated... Read more
Creating a Safer Community Through Comprehensive Violence Prevention
In May 2014, the Long Beach City Council adopted Safe Long Beach, a comprehensive violence prevention plan combining elements of My Brother’s Keeper and other youth development programs. FUSE Fellow Veronica Njodinizeh helped the Office of the City Manager to develop an action plan to accomplish the initiative’s goals in... Read more
Creating an Integrated Approach to Addressing Homelessness
On any given day, approximately 2,300 people experience homelessness in the City of Long Beach. The City’s Department of Health and Human Services leads the Long Beach Continuum of Care (CoC), which administers housing and support services. FUSE Fellow Sharon Meron worked with the city and the CoC to design... Read more