With more than 40 percent of its employees eligible to retire by 2020, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is working aggressively to attract and retain talent as new technologies are disrupting conventional transportation systems. The agency enlisted FUSE executive fellow Andrea Lipton to develop a leadership training program for supervisor-level staff who impact the safety, efficiency, and quality of the city’s transportation services.

Andrea created a five-session series that builds on supervisors’ management skills, including active listening, delegation, coaching, conflict management, and succession planning. All 240 of LADOT’s supervisors were trained in the initial program launch, and the department plans to run the academy twice a year going forward to ensure all new supervisors learn the same critical skills. Andrea also designed, developed, and launched a mentorship program for employees seeking to advance their careers within the department. The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department is considering using the LADOT leadership academy as a model for a city-wide program.