San Francisco International Airport (SFO) strives to be one of the best airports in the world and the top employer in the Bay Area. To help achieve this goal, FUSE Executive Fellow Mark Avnet partnered with SFO to design and implement the SFO People Strategy, a first-of-its-kind strategic roadmap enabling the airport to attract, develop, and retain top talent and to provide SFO employees with the skills and tools needed to execute the airport’s five-year strategic plan.

The People Strategy consists of five broad strategic priorities: Culture and Values; Talent and Leadership; Human Capital Planning; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Workplace Innovation. Across these strategic priorities, 18 programs are already underway or are in detailed design and development. In addition, the document identifies another 30 areas of opportunity that the airport can implement in the future to further expand the scope of the People Strategy. The potential long-term impact of Mark’s fellowship is an innovation in talent strategy for municipal government and a model of leadership and talent development for airports around the world.