The community strives to address the high energy consumption issue within the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO). Despite previous efforts to improve energy efficiency, there is still untapped potential for energy savings within SWBNO’s facilities. The community is dedicated to reducing energy consumption to operate more cost-effectively and sustainably while improving employees’ working conditions. To achieve these goals, SWBNO will collaborate with FUSE and appoint Executive Fellow Lana Lovick, who will analyze energy usage, identify opportunities for energy reduction, and lead the implementation of energy efficiency projects. The objective is to transform SWBNO into a more efficient agency that better serves the community by reducing its energy footprint.

During the Fellowship year, Lana will undertake several tasks to accomplish these goals. She will begin by conducting a comprehensive analysis of SWBNO’s energy consumption, gathering data and collaborating with stakeholders across the agency. This analysis will provide insights into current energy usage patterns, highlighting areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement. Based on the findings, Lana will develop a prioritized list of energy reduction opportunities, considering factors such as financial feasibility, environmental impact, and scalability. This list will guide the implementation phase, where Lana will work closely with SWBNO staff, external partners, and contractors to execute the identified energy efficiency projects. This may involve installing energy-efficient systems, integrating smart building management systems, exploring solar energy generation, and upgrading major building systems. Lana will also prioritize knowledge transfer to empower SWBNO staff in maintaining energy efficiency measures and establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track project performance, collect data, and inform future decision-making.