The City of Los Angeles embarked on the LA River Revitalization Master Plan in 2007, transforming the Los Angeles River into a vibrant and accessible space. The 100 Acre Partnership, a collaboration between the City, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, focuses on redeveloping the Taylor Yard rail site along the river. Concerns over “green gentrification” prompted initiating the Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy (Community TYES) project. Los Angeles partners with FUSE to ensure equitable development, with FUSE Executive Fellow Edidiong Mendie leading a comprehensive effort. Mendie will conduct a landscape analysis, engage stakeholders through a listening tour, and develop strategic recommendations to address community concerns. The ultimate goal is to design and implement a TYES Action Plan, fostering the positive impact of the Taylor Yard project on public green space access while safeguarding the stability and cultural richness of surrounding communities.

Starting in April 2024, Mendie will meticulously analyze the Taylor Yard project’s potential impacts, considering both positive and negative aspects of nearby communities. The Executive Fellow will engage in comprehensive landscape analysis, exploring economic and social effects, community needs, and national best practices for equitable restoration efforts. The focal point will engage historically marginalized communities bordering Taylor Yard, including Glassell Park, Cypress Park, and Elysian Valley. The information gathered will inform strategic recommendations, ensuring the equitable development of the Taylor Yard site. Mendie will then design and implement a ‘TYES Action Plan,’ providing actionable and well-supported policy and programmatic levels recommendations to address community needs identified during the engagement process. By April 2025, Mendie aims to oversee the completion of the landscape analysis, listening tour, definition of strategic recommendations, and initiation of the Action Plan’s implementation.