Los Angeles County strives to create a sustainable community for its nearly 10 million residents. To achieve this goal, the Chief Sustainability Office (CSO) and the Department of Public Works have formed the Environmental, Sustainability, & Resilience Committee of Infrastructure LA. This committee aims to align individual infrastructure projects with the County’s overall vision and secure funding for sustainable initiatives. Community engagement, stakeholder input, and transparency are crucial in advancing the Our County Sustainability Plan, which envisions a safe, healthy, and just future for Los Angeles County.

In this context, FUSE Executive Fellow Sumin Sohn will play a pivotal role in managing the Environmental, Sustainability, & Resilience Committee’s work. Sumin will assist in identifying funding opportunities for sustainable infrastructure projects that address community needs and align with the County’s vision. She will also support the implementation of sustainability grants, such as developing a regional climate action plan with neighboring local governments and formulating plans to address urgent sustainable infrastructure challenges in unincorporated areas. Additionally, Sumin will collaborate with stakeholders to leverage federal and state grants for climate-resilient infrastructure across the county, ensuring alignment with the Our County Plan and the Environment, Sustainability, and Resilience Subcommittee’s priorities.

While the County has existing resources, including staff and consultant funds, Sumin will facilitate the participation of key government stakeholders and oversee the overall process. By accomplishing these deliverables, Sumin will contribute to the realization of the County’s long-term vision for a sustainable future, working towards a more environmentally conscious and equitable Los Angeles County.