Travis County recognizes that efficient and effective distribution and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine is key to reducing case numbers. To that end, the County has hurried to launch mass vaccination sites and drive-thru clinics. It has now administered more than 861,000 doses of the vaccine, and data shows that nearly 30% of residents aged 16 and older have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, health leaders warn that there are at least half a million people in the county who are still particularly vulnerable to contracting and dying from the virus. Hurdles to expanding vaccination include vaccine hesitancy and misinformation, limited local availability or appointments—some residents have to drive hours within Travis County or to nearby counties to get vaccinated—and the digital divide.

To bridge these gaps and move one step closer to returning to normalcy, Travis County must institute a unified approach across providers for vaccine administration long-term. FUSE will partner with Travis County to implement a cohesive, countywide communications and operations strategy for vaccine delivery. FUSE will merge the current strategies of public and private providers, align resources, and amplify best practices, preparing the county for the rollout of an eventual booster vaccine campaign and, ultimately, supporting the smooth and equitable administration of this potentially life-saving vaccine.