Los Angeles County has launched a new agency called the Justice, Care and Opportunities Department (JCOD) to transform the county’s justice system and reduce its reliance on incarceration. The department aims to improve outcomes for individuals and their communities affected by the justice system by breaking down silos between the justice system and other services. JCOD needs a better way to understand and evaluate progress across many projects and initiatives to maximize its collective impact. 

JCOD will partner with FUSE Corps to develop a project portfolio management system, and the successful Executive Fellow will be instrumental in helping the JCOD and Los Angeles County achieve its transformative vision. JCOD leaders require tools to ensure that projects align with priorities, sufficient resources are available, and value is created to justify the use of county resources. They also need to communicate project status to stakeholders and explain resource allocation decisions. The ability to analyze resource allocation will significantly contribute to the department’s success in achieving its mission and the county’s vision of reducing incarceration.