The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) is collaborating with FUSE on a transformative project to address burnout among healthcare providers and mitigate biases in medical documentation. Operating one of the nation’s largest municipal health systems, DHS serves vulnerable populations, including incarcerated individuals and those experiencing homelessness. The project focuses on alleviating the fatigue caused by the burdensome electronic medical record (EMR) documentation system, identified as a significant driver of burnout. A FUSE Executive Fellow will lead efforts to develop and implement a change management plan, introducing a more efficient note-taking approach that reduces time demands and biases. The initiative aims to enhance patient outcomes, diminish provider bias, and improve overall well-being by fostering a conducive documentation environment.

The Executive Fellow will engage stakeholders, including government leaders, healthcare providers, and community representatives, conducting a thorough review of best practices and innovative technologies to inform the transformation. The project will culminate in developing a methodology to measure the success of new documentation practices, encompassing metrics such as provider satisfaction, patient outcomes, insurance payments, and healthcare equity. By April 2025, the Executive Fellow is expected to have conducted a comprehensive stakeholder listening tour, launched a change management plan, and designed a robust success measurement methodology to guide continuous improvement.