The technologies behind such developments as smart infrastructure, ride-sharing, and driverless vehicles are changing how people get around. To prepare for these changes and ensure that all residents benefit, especially those in traditionally underserved communities, the Minneapolis Department of Public Works enlisted help from FUSE Executive Fellow Danielle Elkins. Through education, representation, and the development of five pilot projects, Danielle helped establish the city as a leader in new mobility technology, laying the foundation for a modern transportation system in Minneapolis that better serves all residents’ mobility needs.

To help support continued access to vital transportation services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Danielle also secured a NACTO Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery Grant, so the city can continue with its mobility hub pilot project. Danielle helped educate city staff about new mobility technologies throughout her fellowship, convened local and regional stakeholders around key transportation issues, and hosted events to gather community feedback. To further develop educational tools, she worked with artist Sarah Nelson to imagine the future of transportation in Minneapolis. Danielle represented the city nationally and internationally, discussing such issues as transportation data privacy, curbside management, and mobility hubs at conferences and meetings. She also worked to design an internal organizational structure to support this work and better handle the increasingly changing transportation landscape going forward.